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Women of Distinction Awards

& Scholarship Dinner

presented by

Professional Women of the Finger Lakes

Event: Women of Distinction & Scholarship Dinner

Date: May 22, 2024

Time: 5:30 PM

Location: Ravenwood Golf Club

Tickets: SOLD OUT

Congratulations to our nominees in the following categories:

ENTREPRENEURIAL: Kristy Aldrich, Kim Vakiener, Danielle Willardson

The true entrepreneur is a risk-taker, who views necessary risk with a sense of courage, and has faith in its potential reward. She possesses the qualities of initiative, innovation, perseverance, leadership, self-direction and vision in her business life.

PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT: Abigail Blake, Tracy Dello Stritto, Melissa James-Geska, Barbara Wagner

A woman whose intelligence, diplomacy, integrity and reputation for achievement all lead to success in her chosen profession in the public or private sector. She is skilled, effective, accountable, and respected by her peers.

VOLUNTEER SERVICE: Hannah Freida, Shane Grant, Dawn Priolo, Quinn Smith

This woman gives willingly and generously of her time and talent. She demonstrates steady commitment, and participates actively and altruistically, for the joy of serving others and achieving a common goal.

WOMEN HELPING WOMEN: Chelsea Obourn, MD, Karen White

A woman who acts as a special light to other women. She mentors, promotes, supports and encourages. She may advocate on another’s behalf, teach, or guide. She believes in the potential of women, and inspires them to reach their individual goals.  


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